18 Nov


It is very important to find out the meaning of the employee and the independent contractor regardless of being an employers or a job seeker. This understanding makes it a bit easier to know how to execute the assigned task. However, these entities are generally confused which makes it hard to hire or even get employed. You need the help of articles and pages done by the specialist on the matter. Therefore in this website we have discussed these two to ensure you understand them well. You need the following annual to understand this. To learn more info about this topic, check out this page

There are main differences between the employee and the independent contractor you to understand before taking the next step. By understanding these differences you are in a better position to execute your tasks well. Here are the differences to note.

An employee is an individual who works under the supervision of another one called the employer. There is an agreement letter there the employee signs some working hours. The employee is however paid on overtime on. The independent contractor may work for different clients outside the business. The independent contractor works on specific tasks which he is hired to perform and he can decide on how to carry it out. To learn more differences, check out this homepage.

An independent contractor is not entitled to any workers compensation which the employee is. For example, the employee will be compensated for work termination and other work-related injuries which an independent contractor may not be considered. The employees have the freedom to join any employees union to have their demands and interests attended to. Contrary to this the independent contractor has no union to join. This is a crucial difference to note to avoid crossing the line between one another.

The employees are more protected in their work which denies them the freedom to decide. The independent contractor has the freedom to decide when to take up the task as well as how to execute it provided he accomplishes it. The contractor also has the freedom to state the rates of his work as well as the working workings to execute the task. The employees only admits it rejects what is offered by the employer.

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